Eline, 24
Submitted Jun 19, 2006
Grew up with, never felt loved Eline grew up with her father but never felt truly loved
My father has a new family Eline's father has a new family
I haven't talk to my father in 2 years.
It is (for the most part) easier that way.

I never lived with him, but I have always known him.

I will write the same as many of you: I love him and hate him!

I hate the fact that he can live without me. The fact that he chooses not to have me in his life hurts like cracy.
I would like to have him in my life.
I would like him to be proud of me and tell me that he is sory.
I hate that he is doing this to me.
I wish that I did not feel the need to write this here at LDU.
I wish that didn't affect me.

Enough for now..
I will write something a littlebit more "happy" another day.
It is just one of theese days, you know.