Jayde, 9
Submitted Jul 3, 2006
Have met my father Jayde has met her father
My father has a new family Jayde's father has a new family
(Story written by Lynn Summers)

This is really my granddaughters story. Her name is Jayde (pronounced Jade).
She is nine years old, a treasure and a joy beyond measure. She is also devestated by her "fathers" behavior and her heart is ripped in pieces daily,

Hopefully you can help me, help her to heal.

Her dad has been absent 99% of her life until 21March his year. He came to Florida and decided to give his daughter a call. He lives in Colorado, far from us. He pops in and shares that Jay has a baby sister, Madisyn.

She is soon to be a year old. For Jaydes sake we invited them into our home for a week, to visit and bond. This changed man has changed back since his return to CO. Rarely calls, never returns her calls, same crap.

Is it better for her to have no dad than a dad she aches in her heart for? I don't know how to help. 

She begs me for answers. Please help.
Sep 13, 2006, mimie wrote:
I feel so bad for Jayde because I have been that little girl too. I never met my father, my mother left him beeing pregnant with me bacause he was acting in a inacceptable way. He never called or answered my (or my mothers) letters and there was not one day where I did not dream about him coming back, saying that he had changed his mind and wanted to get to know me (he lived in Monaco, me and my mother in Sweden). He never came and the only call I got was friends of his telling me that he was dying in cancer. I was 13 years old at the time. The only thing that comes to mind, what you could do for your granddaughter, is to keep telling her that it isn't her fault that he acts like he does and eventhough he is a jerk not to show Jayde your recentment. She will take after you and it hurts so much and takes so much energy to dislike someone. This second betrayal from her father is even worse than the first and she will need a lot of support so she doesn't looses her trust in men. When she grows older she can decide how she want's to act, if she want's to contact him or not. In the meantime, send the bastard the adress to some of these stories, maybe he then sees what he is doing to his babygirl. I don't know if this was to any help, just needed to get it off my chest. ALl my love to you and Jayde. She is lucky to have you.
Feb 04, 2007, Amanda wrote:
She doesn't need him. A little girl shouldn't have to see this kind of thingso early. When she is older she can decide for herslef how she wants to do. But for know, my advice is, protect her.
Sep 05, 2007, Lost100 wrote:
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