Jennie, 20
Submitted Jul 17, 2006
Have met my father Jennie has met her father
Try to contact my father, no reply Jennie tried to contact her father, but recieved no reply
My father has a new family Jennie's father has a new family
*My dad*

My father left me when I was eight(when him and my mom divorced)
Dad was a workaholic and he was pretty much always somewhere else working than home with us.

So I can't say that he really was a big part of my life even when he was there with me and my brothers. So why did it hurt so much and why does it still hurt?

For me it was the ultimate rejection, the most selfish thing a parent can do. Sometimes it felt like I wasn't worth loving.
Even though I've got memories from that time it must be nothing to the memories my older brothers and my mother must have.
I wish that he wouldn't have left in the way that he did, and I wish my mother would've explained more to me then. But I guess she just couldn't, she was hurting too.

I wrote him letters and never got a reply. He left me broken.
When he left, he said to my mother that he would punish her by never keeping in touch.

My dad has a new family so I additionaly have three more sibblings. I hope he treats them in a more loving way.

Sometimes I feel so torn when I think about this. Maybe it was for the best that he left? What would it have been like if he'd stayed?
What is his life like now? Does he think about us at all?
But one thing I'm sure about is that I'd really like to meet my baby sister and brothers.

My dad wasn't a bad person just not so good as a father, I guess he was just lost in his way...
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Jul 03, 2007, Evelinah wrote:
hejsan. tråkigt att höra om din pappa, har det ungefär likadant. kommer också från Piteå. Hör gärna av dig om du behöver nån att snacka med ! kram / E