Viktoria, 15
Submitted Aug 16, 2006
Have met my father Viktoria has met her father
My father has a new family Viktoria's father has a new family
When I was little my siblings and I were living at my fathers house a few days every other week. One time He said to my mum that the next time she would only bring one of us because he didn't have the energy to take care of the three of us. My mum was a single mum with three kids and she didn't have so much money and my dad had a new girlfriend and they had a son together and my dad had money. And when I heard that I was even more upset then before. Because my dad has a girlfriend who could help but my mum who was a single mum had always taken care of us three all the time and then he say that to her.

One day when I was little he was going to pick us up at my mums. I was waiting and waiting but he never came. And he didn't even call. The next time I saw him he didn't talk about it.

It was not long time ago he made me upset again. It was in july when I had confirmation and I have asked him if he wanted to come. He said that he would return with an answer but I never heard from him. Three days after he calls but he doesen't say anything about the confirmation.

I think it's very sad to have a dad that doesen't live so far away from me, who does those things to me. I believe or want to belive that he can change. I am going to se him this week. always when I'm going to meet him I get all nervous and I shake. If I meet him on the street I stop and I talk to him and every time I'm going he always say "Call me" or "Come by some time" It's always good to here him say that but it's always me, me, me, me. Never him. It seems like it's my misstake that we have such a bad relation. He makes me feel like that.

I don't know if it's just me who have questions about who I am and if I was gonna be a complete different person if I had grown up with a dad by my side and if I've missed something big that every person needs to be whole.

My mum just got married and my stepfather is the best! I love him! He's like a bestfriend to me. He has given me more confidence and that's great because I need that!
Nov 07, 2006, Erikan wrote:

Ville bara säga att du inte har missat något som inte kommer att göra dig till en hel människa. Det blir man även fast man har haft en riktigt dålig pappa. Jag har också dålig kontakt med min pappa. När jag var yngre var det också bara jag som höll i kontakten. Jag som skulle ringa och hälsa på, aldrig han. Och när vi bestämde tid kunde jag också stå och vänta på honom utan att han kom. Men, det är de som har problem, inte vi. Det är inte oss det är fel på. Hur bra som helst att din mamma har en bra pojkvän nu. Hoppas det fortsätter fungera bra! Hör av dig om du vill prata!

Mar 03, 2007, IdaLi wrote:
Jag har känt mig oälskad hela mitt liv av min pappa. Han gjorde exakt samma sak då jag konfirmerade mig. Och alla fotbollsmatcher han lovade att komma på. Alla dumma saker han gjort och aldrig hört av sig. Jag har därför valt att inte forsätta hålla kontakten, jag vet inte om det är det bästa  för det är jätte jobbigt. Men jag vet hur du känner dig. Jag har otroligt länge velat prata med någon som har en likadan pappa. Så om du känner att du vill maila så svara gärna.

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