Annie Matilda, 24
Submitted Sep 4, 2007
Have never met my father Annie Matilda has never met her father
Would like to meet my father Annie Matilda would like to meet her father
Try to contact my father, no reply Annie Matilda tried to contact her father, but recieved no reply
My father has a new family Annie Matilda's father has a new family
I'm waiting, wishing for a reply on my last letter. He has written back a few times...It's hard to see your sister on the street, walking with her husband and newborn baby, and not knowing if they know yet. Maybe they do, maybe they just don't want to see me. Rejection is what I'm used to.
Still, I'm starting on a new letter today. I won't give up.
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Oct 07, 2007, IdaChristina wrote:
alltid på din sida.