Submitted Aug 29, 2008
Have never met my father Tiffany has never met her father
Would like to meet my father Tiffany would like to meet her father
My mom and dad met when he was dating another woman. They were all friends for awhile untill he and the other woman broke up and he started seeing my mom.Soon my mom found out he was talking to his ex again but they swore they were just talking.Then she found out she was going to have me and dad said they would get married and raise me together.Then the other woman found out she was pregnant and because she wasn't of age yet her parents said my dad would have to marry her or go to jail. He promised mom he would still be there for me and her but only saw me twice after that,once while out walking and again because the welfare office forced him to get a paternity test.
I haven't seen him since I was six months old and I don't even know if he cares I exsist.I see fathers and daughters and feel sad because I wonder where was mine? Why doesn't he try?