Farrahrose, 19
Submitted Sep 1, 2008
Have met my father Farrahrose has met her father
My father is dead Farrahrose's father is dead
ever since i was 4 i've been missing something that i've always needed. even when it was around me it wasn't there. at 4 my mom and dad were divorcing so my dad decided to commit suicide. i feel it's selfish because he was more worried about his love life then 3 children that he brought into this world, that loved him so much. not long after my mom moved on, and because i was young and didn't know any better, i wanted her new boyfriend to be my dad. i did everything i could so that i could have that father figure, but he rejected me with abuse. it's been a long road with the opposite sex, and there's this hole that seems to be growing deeper. i try everyday to be happy.