Magdalena, 17
Submitted Sep 7, 2008
Have met my father Magdalena has met her father
Decided to not stay in contact Magdalena decided not to stay in contact with her father
My parents divorced, I think I was five years old then. They were allways fighting, simply becuse my father was an alcoholic. I lived with my mum and was forced to meet my dad at some weekends. I didn't wanted to beacuse he didn't cared for me at all. When I was at my father's place I didn't get any real food and I was so sad I couldn't sleep. I lost weight and I was very thin. My father was just sitting there in his sofa drinking and drinking. Two years ago I decided that I had enough. I decided not to stay in contact with my father. Everytime I see a father caring for his daughter it hurts in my heart beacuse I wish that my dad could be like that. I know that I have to focus on my own life now and try to leave the past behind. Unfortunately it's not that simple.
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