If you miss having a relation to your dad. If he has disappeared from, or never even been in, your life. If he's failed in giving you love, respect and confirmation.
If this affects your being.
This doesn’t mean you’re vanished or misplaced. It doesn’t mean you’re a loser.
But maybe you feel lost because you don’t know him, or because a part of your identity has gone lost together with his disappearance.

For some this issue is something they have lived and dealt with for their whole life, and maybe now it's getting clearer and easier to handle? But in any case, keeping it as a secret and as something hidden for others, can never be a good idea. By telling it to others, you might accept it more yourself - and by accepting the fact, you'll probably be on your way to get free from the victimised position.

It's not only your dad who's involved in the situation. For a lot of daughters their mum also play a big role. This is of course also something to talk about.

Things you lose can sometimes be found again. Others are lost for ever. Yet other things are only releasing to lose.

Lost Daughters United is a concept and a global network. We want to remove the responsibility and thereby also kill the shame.

Send us an email, tell us your story. Decorate your town.

You Join. We unite.