Isabelle, 20
Submitted Mar 21, 2014
Have met my father Isabelle has met her father
My father is dead Isabelle's father is dead
I really love my dad, even if he wasn't the best dad. My parents got divorced when I was around six years old. I don't know why exactly and I don't want to know. He moved away and had a drug abuse. He was always sleeping on the couch when I was visiting, my mom didn't want me to visit but I wanted so bad and I didn't understand what was going on so. He promised me to do a lot of things, going to the city's pool and a lot of fun stuff. But that did never happen since he was a drug abuser who couldn't keep any promises. I missed him all the time.
He died when I was ten, I cried so much and this huge hole in my stomach never seems to fade. I feel like my whole life has been affected by this event, and that I can never have a normal relationship or feel good about myself or have kids of my own because of this. It's sad, I wonder if he would be proud of me today, learn me how to play the guitar and all those things you're supposed to do. I miss him all the time, and I wish things were different. I'm kind of a half human being. The worst thing right now is that my memories of him is starting to fade, I was so young and have pushed away memories and feeling because of the pain. I want to remember him.