Angelica, 16
Submitted Jul 14, 2007
Have met my father Angelica has met her father
Im gonna tell you the story from the beginning . My mother met my dad i Greece , were they fell in love , they held togehter for 14 years before they had me . My dad wasn't there to see my mother give birth . He lived in Greece and she in Sweden , but you thought that after 14 yers togehter they would make it , but the ddn't . it took 11 years before I could meet my father , and he just pretended like he's always been there for me . He had never called , or even botherd to send a card on my birthday , sometimes I thought he didn't know i exsisted , but of course he knew ! He just didn't care , or maybe he did , I dont know . But one thing I did know , and it was that he bought drugs with all his money . He could'n't save them so he could come and see me , he bought drugs ! And I cant understand how he could do this to me .. Wasn't I enough ? What did I do to deserve this ? After that time when we went to see him , I never talked to him , or even visit again . Why should I ? Why should I even bother ? He doesn't care for me , why should I care for him ? :/