Jenny, 19
Submitted Aug 10, 2007
Decided to not stay in contact Jenny decided not to stay in contact with her father
When I was 2 years old, my mom and dad decided to leave each other. I meet my father maybe 3-4 times per month. He never really respected me. I have astma and allergic to cats and cigarett smoke. But he bought 2 cats and smoked in his house every time I visited him. I always got sick. My mom didnt want me to be at my fathers place because of the cats and his no respect for me. I understood her. I didnt feel comfortable being at my fathers place.

My father decided to move to Greenland to work. He left me and my halfbrother. ( He had meet a women, and I got a halfbrother) He left us when I was about 12 years. I needed my dad. So he lived in Greenland for 2 years, and I meet him once in 2 years. My heart was broken. When he finally came back home I didnt have the same connetction to him. He was a stranger for me. He didnt care so much and he took a new job in Spain. I was so disappointed. I was 13 years old and I was happy that he had moved home from Greenland, but now he was going to move again. To spain! I felt so lost! Why is he leaving us? He has 2 small children that need their father when they are growing up! I was secretly crying inside! I learned to live without a father.

When he came back from Spain I was abput 15 years. He decided to move to Denmark, to live their. I thought, well its better than Spain. Now I can take the train to him. But somewhere inside of me when I was growing up, I felt so lost, disappointed and totaly failed. My father didnt respect me, he didnt care so much. I never felt any love from him. Today he lives in Norway with hos wife and their children. I have been talking to him for the last 2 years. But when I turned 18, he told my mom that he didnt ant to pay money to her anymore, money he have to give her each month, money to food to me and so on. But he has to pay as long as I am in school. So he got very angry, because he didnt want to pay one more year. And it is not a lot of money.

My father he has bought a house, new cars, motorcycles and so on, and he is complaining about 950 kronors per month. ITS nothing when you have a saloriy as him! Im just so disappointed. He hasnt been there at al for me growing up, and now he is complaing about giving me money? NO! He is the most selfish humanbeing I have ever meet! HE only thinks about him self. I rather had no dad! I can do it without him! So, I decided not to talk to him anymore. and he hasnt even try to contact me. he has to much pride i guess.
but, I hope he is lucky woth his family!