Veronica, 19
Submitted Aug 12, 2007
Have met my father Veronica has met her father
Decided to not stay in contact Veronica decided not to stay in contact with her father
This is the truth about my father.

A well educated man that seemed to have everything but obandoned that for nothing...

My parents divorced when I was really young,maybe 3 or so. We left to live in another city me and my mother,she didn't want him near me. Today I realize why.

He has always been a moody person with alot of anger inside,he can just flip from happy to angry in one second and his eyes turns black...Really scary. But the worst part is that the court decided that they should have shared custody over me,so they forced me to be with him every weekend.

My mum tried to tag along to watch me but he didn't aprove of that so I stayed there alone most of the times.

He yelled at me all the time,screaming that I wasn't worth anthin and just broke me down into nothing in the end. He started to hit me on a holiday that I've repressed and still don't remember that much from,it was a real hell. The fights continued and he became more violent,the last drip for me was when he tried to suffocate me with a pillow, I almost died that time. Still I was manipulated to believe it was my fault- the door hade slammed due to the open windows and he went off on me instead....Crazy.

The only one that knows how he really is, is my mum and I ofcourse. She drove to get me home in the middle of the night many,many times because he went off and called me the worst possible things.

Belive me when I say that my mum tried everything to get me away from him,even the children social services said that a little slap doesn't hurt. Honestly I still blame them for not helping me,a child in need and physically and mentally abused.

I sometimes feel so confused,he can be a good person,has alot of good qualities and is really smart but still he turns to hit and hurt his own flesh and blood? For nothing,I never did him anything...Until that one day when I had grown and realized that this is not sane and normal,I hit him back and he just blamed me and told people that I was violent,the neighbours buyed his story and talked trash behind my back. I don't care but I can really see how good he is at manipulating people....

This has left alot of scars inside of me,I'm still recovering. My dad hasen't called for a year and he still thinks it's my fault. I have my life that I'm happy and proud of,I have a degree and future dreams and most of all people that loves me and supports me.
If there's a hero in this tragic story,it's my mum that almost lost her life when trying to save me...Oh,do I need to say that I love her soo much?
Jan 20, 2009, wrote:
Be proud of yourself and you actions. And of your mom, ofcourse.
Feb 02, 2011, fyrre wrote:

I read your story and I have a similar bound to my father. I'm a documentary filmmaker from Finland, and planning to make my examproject in form of a documetary about daughers who have bad memories and stories about theirs fathers. Of course all the persons in the film can be anynomous. Would you be interested in sharing your story to the world? please contact me if u are! best regards Eva Fyrqvist