Nora, 11
Submitted Aug 16, 2007
Have met my father Nora has met her father
Decided to not stay in contact Nora decided not to stay in contact with her father
My father has a new family Nora's father has a new family
My name is Nora and I am 11 years old.
When I was two years old my mom and dad divorced.
In the beginning everything was fine.
I was whit my father very mutch.
But then he moved.
And I didn't meet him so mutch.
But after a time we moved to the same place.
And I thoud that evrythings gonna be fine.
But I have wrong.
Like before evrything was fine in the beginning.
But my dad he meet a girl.
And she has two kids.
They booth whas girls in my age.
And I did like them.
But every time I wanted to see my dad.
They was there too.
Soo I wanted too se him alone for once.
Soo also we coud do things together.
Then he said: If you want too see me you have too see my family too.
Because this is my new family.
And you have to exept them.
This was one of many small things who has hapend.
And this was the end.
I coud not handle more.
So I decided to not stay in contact whit my father.

Maybe I'm gonna get contact whit my father when I has grow up.
But I am not ready for that now.