Submitted Aug 24, 2007
Have met my father Eva has met her father
Decided to not stay in contact Eva decided not to stay in contact with her father
My father has a new family Eva's father has a new family
It was me, my older Brother, Mum and dad.

When I was 2 years of age he left us....

When i was 6 years old my Mum asked me us if whe would like to meet dad.
Every monday night,for years, he went to tuck us in.

He read stories for me and he played games with Big Brother. He was so very funny. He played the piano, he was drawing very funny stories on the little blackboard.. he tryed to be dad during thoos hours.

Every summer he left us, again.
Whe never heard from him during hollidays. Whe where never even invited to his new life.
I have two little sisters, on his side. I love them but I was not allowed to met them beacuse of there

When Big brother died I dicide I would not meet dad again. Never ever. My on decision.

Bye Bye old man