Jenny, 15
Submitted Sep 4, 2008
Have never met my father Jenny has never met her father
Would like to meet my father Jenny would like to meet her father
My father has a new family Jenny's father has a new family
I have never met my father! I really want to! My mom don't understand how I feel! Sometimes it feels like she doesn't care about what I want and that I really do want to see him! She doesn't want to tell me how he is or where he lives! I wish I had my dad in my life. Maybe everything had been different if I knew him?
I wonder if he thinks about me sometimes? Or if he wants to see me?
My biggest dream is to meet him one day.
I really want to!

I'm not happy like this! I don't want a mum who doesn't understand.
I want to have a father just like all my friends do.

I'm a girl who wants a dad.
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Sep 22, 2008, Sofia wrote:
I read your story and my heart aches, I really feel for you!