Alexandra, 18
Submitted Sep 6, 2008
Have never met my father Alexandra has never met her father
Would like to meet my father Alexandra would like to meet her father
Im really sick of all these questions,
were are you, who are you, do you think of me or would you like to meet me in person?

He (my dad) did not take the father' test when he found out that i've bee born.
(but i admere that he could be my fahter and belive me he is)

I do not blame him for that becuse of his age
and that my mum and i actually lived on the other side on earth. (sweden) yes.. he lives in Australia, Brisbane.

I know he's name, and i have he's mum and dads adres and phone number from year 1993.
But it dosent help, they have a really private national registration.

My highest wish is of course to reach him, and im prepared for the worst.
But even if there is many things who can go wrong or not go at all its still a chance.
A little little chans that he has grown up and maybe even consider me.

I think of him every single day,
please give me an answear of all this thousends of question.

Love from Alexandra