Cecilia, 20
Submitted Sep 22, 2008
Have met my father Cecilia has met her father
Decided to not stay in contact Cecilia decided not to stay in contact with her father
My father has a new family Cecilia's father has a new family
My parents where married for about 20 years, then they divorced in september last year.

I grew up with my father (I'm 20 years old) and I loved him above everything. He was my hero; my ideal of a strong and whise persona.

My family moved to Cuba 2004 because of a job my dad got there. I liked living there but the school situation was complicated for me so we all decided that it would be best if I moved back to Sweden in order to finish school.

After my parents devorced, my mother decided to stay in Cuba and live her own life.
My dad decided to take care of my anorexic older sister (age 36) and brought her there.

During easter this year my younger brother went to visit the two of them and 'found out that my dad had met a new woman.
The only catch; she was two years older than me! My dad is in his mid sixties and this Girl is my age and Cuban.

Now they are married and I stopped talking to my dad. He is still in contact with my younger brother. My dad forwarded the message that I will regret not saying "I love you and I accept your new whife" if he dies or gets hurt.

Everything I thought of my father has been crushed by his stupidity and stubbordness.

Maybe it would be easier to accept it if I did indeed belive that this girl loves him, but I know that all she wants is money and a way out of her pathetic life. Too bad my dad doesnt have any money and will soon retire. . .