Mathilda, 17
Submitted Jun 26, 2010
Have never met my father Mathilda has never met her father
Would like to meet my father Mathilda would like to meet her father
My mom has told me that she was absolutely sure that the one man in Germany was my dad but he struggled with blood tests and that there was done when I was 3 yeas old. And that it turned out that it wasn't him. She says it must have been a guy she had met just before in Denmark. But how could she be so absolutely sure that it was the guy in Germany then?

Until that my grandma told me that she had said that my father refused to stand for that I was his daughter, this story my mother told me then just be imaginary? I have never seen the papers on it was not my dad, and my grandmother do not think she was in denmark before the Germany trip.

Could this be the story when something she found at that she did not want me to look him up? and it has now done a blood test for me when that came up when I was 3 (I'm 17 years old now, so not too long ago) should be retained so that I can see it?