Elisabet, 12
Submitted Oct 9, 2010
Have met my father Elisabet has met her father
Im a girl whos dad likes me but it hasnt always been like that. Mum have told me that dad wanted to take me away before I was born. He didnt want me. I meet him the first time when I was about 10 months old. He didnt want but mum called him and puched off when she herd that he was at home. Then we went to his house and after that I got a birthday card when I was one and nothing else. When I was about 8-9 yers old I lived in another family because mum was sick. He contacted them and then we meet for the first time that I remember. Ihave meet him some tims after that and my grandma(his mum) relly want us to know each other better. Im not that shore I want to know him better but when I was little I wanted to. And when I told grandma that I didnt wanted to meet him at my schoolholyday she was like "well good we know then" and she didnt wanted to talk any moore (we was talkin at the phone). I just dont know how to do and if I will chance when I get a grownup. but i think I will do wrong however i do.He has a new girlfriend and they had been together for 1 year and 6 months befor he told me about her. Sometims I didnt went to school,because I was so sad. But now I do cause now I have friends. Thats my story, but just one thing moore: he never told my his mum that I exist. my mum sent her a letter where she told her. So I dont relly know if I would meet him or not. ( sorry if I spelled something wrong, Im not that good at english) thank you for reading!